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A licensed professional gunsmith since 1979 and a certified armorer for most of the major firearm manufacturers. Specializing in custom pistol and rifle work for competitors and police. Active competitor in both pistol and rifle shooting sports, PPC Governor's 20, Double NRA Police Distinguished, New York State PPC Champion, NRA Life Member.

Featured in the Field & Stream article "The Gun Doctors ... 10 Great Gunsmiths"
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J.C. Blauvelt is also available for expert case reviews, consultations and Expert Witness testimony in firearm-related civil and criminal cases. He has over 30 years of firearms experience as a professional, licensed Gunsmith as well as 20 years of law enforcement and firearms instructor experience - including testifying in numerous court cases as a full-time Police Officer/Detective Supervisor (retired). He now has on-going involvement in several past and present court cases as an Expert Witness. Legal firms may contact Mr. Blauvelt at the telephone number listed below for further information.
Attorney references regarding past consultations are available upon request.


Please check out the Photo Gallery with pictures of some of our custom-built firearms!


We do machining of revolver cylinders to take full-moon clips!  $60.00 for S&W "L" 7 shot, and "N" frame revolvers, $75.00 for S&W " L" 6 shot, "K", and "J" Frame revolvers! $50.00 extra for recessed cylinder. Rugers, Colts, and Taurus also done. Plus return shipping. Moon clips are extra (not included).  See the gallery for some pictures of this work (click the Photo Gallery link above). We use TK Custom moon clips because they are the best.


Please call for an appointment and directions. Live far away? No problem! E-Mail us and let us know what you might be interested in having done. We take shipments for repairs and custom work from all over the United States!

Contact us for all your gunsmithing needs, including......

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